Bread is one of the most wasted products in the food chain, with unwanted bakery products making up nearly a third of the UK's total retail food waste each year.

Fresh bakery products typically have a short shelf life, so many retailers already donate surplus stock at the end of the day to charities, staff and for use as animal feed.

However, Tesco's new plan will allow them to make profits on their otherwise waste items by re-imagining them as new products including Olive Crostini and Bread Pudding. This also doubles as an environmentally friendly win by reducing food waste and extending the life of products.

This sort of practice is likely to become more common as pressure increases on businesses at all stages of the food chain to reduce waste. It is therefore important to ensure food safety management systems account for the additional risks which could be posed by re-purposing food so that doing the right thing for the environment is not held back by regulatory challenge.