The SFR is an industry-led register of batches of non–wood based fuels, and ensures that from field-to-boiler all steps in the supply chain are traceable and all the greenhouse gas emissions accounted for at each stage of the process. 

This assurance is essential for those buying feedstocks for their RHI-accredited boilers and anaerobic digestion (AD) plants. 

Owners of RHI-accredited boilers and AD plants need to ensure that their feedstocks are eligible for RHI, which includes being able to demonstrate that the feedstocks are "sustainable". Ofgem's audits involve a forensic examination of all feedstocks and any failure to demonstrate sustainability could result in Ofgem requiring the repayment of RHI payments and the exercise of other wide-ranging powers that Ofgem has under the RHI Regulations. 

Ofgem audit should be seen as a near inevitability, not a lottery, and we recommend that owners of RHI-accredited boilers and AD plants operate on the basis that an audit could be commenced at their installation at any time. 

Purchasers of straw and other non-wood-based fuels for use in ROC and other subsidy-supported installations should not assume that the assurance of the SFR will automatically apply to the requirements of the subsidy regime under which they receive their support payments and certificates.